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Our Speciality Products

As with all our Range Of Feeds,
We can customise to your feeding requirements.
We only use the best ingredients and will not compromise on quality with the inclusion of inferior raw materials.
The range outlined below are some of our Speciality Feeds along with other Branded feeds,
If you need something different, then please don’t hesitate to call and find out more.
Pedigree 16%
Pedigree Nut
Our pedigree 16% nut is specifically formulated to support high growth rates in top end weanling, growing and pedigree cattle. With a high energy content using only the best ingredients from cereal grains such as maize meal and native barley combined with beet pulp as a digestible fibre source to aid rumen function and increase energy density. With 16% crude protein derived from soya bean meal this nut is designed to promote high growth rates and improve animal conformation. This is complemented by our top spec mineral pack which includes a premium yeast and rumen buffer to help maintain optimum rumen conditions for animal performance.
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Precalver nut
Precalver nut
20% nut specifically formulated for dry cows pre calving in order to reduce risk of issues such as milk fever, displaced stomachs, held cleanings and ketosis while also improving fertility and milk production in the subsequent lactation. Convenient source of the energy, protein and minerals dry cows require and can be fed from 8 weeks pre up to the point of calving. Contains a high spec pre calving mineral with high rate of protected trace minerals including zinc, selenium and copper along with a high level of vitamin E and iodine which all play an important role in the animals immunity and fertility including the newly born calf. Added magnesium and chloride to help negate the effects of high potassium silage which is a major contributor to milk fever. Protein derived from soya bean helps to promote colostrum quality and quantity but is also shown to increase peak milk yield in the following lactation.
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Heifer Developer Nut
Developer Nut
This hi spec 20% protein nut contains high inclusion of soya bean meal and native cereals and is specifically formulated for growing heifers with higher protein content shown to increase growth rates making sure heifers are the correct weight and size for calving under 24 months. Feeding higher levels of protein is also shown to prevent fatty tissues developing in the mammary gland which can reduce future milk yields. Contains premium minerals and vitamins to cover the full range of essential nutrients including protected trace minerals and added calcium and phosphorous for enhanced bone development and growth.
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Over the years we’ve built up solid relationships with our loyal customers. We take the time to get to know our customers and their farming systems. Our experienced technical team are available to talk you through your options and help you find the best feed for your stock. Our team are also available to visit your Farm to better understand your system and help your animals maximise their performance.
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