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Our Sheep & Lamb Range

As with all our Range Of Feeds, We can customise to your feeding requirements.
Sheep have specific nutritional needs based on their age, weight, stage of production (e.g., growing, lactating, or pregnant).
A balanced feed ensures that all these requirements are met, preventing deficiencies or excesses that could lead to health issues.
For lambs, a balanced diet is crucial for proper growth and development. Adequate levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals help them reach their genetic potential in terms of size and weight gain in the time frame farmers need.
We only use the best ingredients and will not compromise on quality with the inclusion of inferior raw materials.
The range outlined below are some of our popular Sheep & Lamb Nuts & Rations,
If you need something different, then please don’t hesitate to call and find out more.
Sheep Nut 18%
Sheep Nut
A well balanced 18 % protein Nut suitable for pregnant Ewes and lambs at foot. 
The high protein and quality ingredients will guarantee an adequate supply of milk.
A high spec mineral is also included to keep the sheep healthy and give the lambs a good start. 
The inclusion of maize and whole oats support a good energy level in the feed.
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Sheep Nut 20%
Sheep Nut
Contains a high inclusion rate of soya bean meal to increase digestible protein and promote milk production. This nut is also high in energy and digestible fibre due to the inclusion of 50% cereal ingredients and beet pulp which helps prevent any pre-lambing complications. Contains a balanced mineral package with elevated levels of Vitamin E and protected Selenium which play a role in increasing immune function and improving the quality of a ewe’s colostrum. The nuts also contain milky vanilla flavour enhancer to increase palatability.
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Intensive Lamb 15%
Lamb Nut
High-performance high energy intensive lamb nut suitable as a follow-on
nut for finishing older lambs and hoggets. Can be fed as a complementary
feed for grass finishing or fed ad-lib. It includes a flavour enhancer,
actisaf yeast to enhance feed conversion efficiency and a balanced mineral
package which also prevents the occurrence of urinary calculi in ram lambs
when feeding in high volumes.
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Intensive Lamb 17%
Lamb Nut
A high-performance high protein nut ideal as a follow on from a ‘Ewe and
Lamb Nut’ for creep feeding or intensive finishing. It includes a milky
vanilla flavour enhancer to increase palatability and a mineral package
that includes trace elements but also prevents urinary calculi in ram lambs when feeding in high volumes and actisaf yeast to enhance feed
conversion efficiency.
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Over the years we’ve built up solid relationships with our loyal customers. We take the time to get to know our customers and their farming systems. Our experienced technical team are available to talk you through your options and help you find the best feed for your stock. Our team are also available to visit your Farm to better understand your system and help your animals maximise their performance.
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