McNamara Feeds
Ballaghtalion, Kildalkey,
Co Meath.

Our Sheep Rations

The rations listed below are the more popular products we stock. We have other rations and can customise rations to your specific needs. Or indeed formulate new rations. As with our sheep rations, we only use quality raw materials in our rations and do not compromise on quality

Ewe and lamb 18

A well balanced 18 % protein ration suitable for pregnant ewes and lambs at foot. The high protein and quality ingredients will guarantee an adequate supply of milk. A high spec mineral is also included to keep the sheep healthy and give the lambs a good start. The inclusion of maize and whole oats support a good energy level in the feed.

Intensive lamb 17

This ration is designed for feeding intensively and ad lib. It is a high energy and high protein ration. A top spec mineral of 4% of the ration is included which allows for ad lib feeding and reduces the risk of urinary calculi. It is an ideal ration as a follow on from the sheep18, proving to be palatable and achieving results.

High energy hogget

This is a high energy ration designed to be fed ad lib. It puts weight on store lambs very quickly. It has maize and barley making up more than 60% of its content and has 4% minerals included that also reduces the risk of urinary calculi. This ration can be modified to increase the energy content further if required.
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