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Our Sheep Range 

As with all our range, we can customise to your feeding requirements. We only use the best ingredients and will not compromise on quality with the inclusion of inferior raw materials. The range outlined below are some of our popular Feed if you need something different, then please don’t hesitate to call and find out more.

Hi Energy Sheep 18% Nut

This high cereal nut is ideal for ewes pre and post lambing. 
Soya bean meal is the major protein source and will help to ensure adequate supply of milk for thriving lambs. A palatable, 5mm nut to meet all your requirements in most cases. Includes calcined magnesite to minimize risks of grass tetany. Upgraded mineral pack with 100mg Vitamin per kg

Hi Energy Sheep 20% Nut

A top of the range nut with 20% crude protein primarily made up of soya bean meal. Ideal for ewes pre and post lambing, especially where forage quality may be lacking. Also includes strong levels locally grown barley and oats. Contains calcined magnesite to minimize risks of grass tetany. We have included an upgraded mineral pack with 100mg Vitamin per kg in a palatable 5mm nut.

Hi Energy Sheep 18% Coarse Ration

A course ration containing high levels of locally grown cereals and a strong level of soya bean meal. This ration also includes our upgraded mineral package with 100mg Vitamin per kg. Calcined magnesite is included to help prevent the risk of grass tetany.

Intensive Lamb Nut

This high performance nut is designed to finish lambs quickly and effectively. Protein is predominantly made up of soya bean meal to drive growth. This nut contains a high spec mineral containing ammonium chloride which makes it suitable to feed to ram lambs to aid in the prevention of urinary calculi.
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