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Our Dairy Rations

The rations listed below are the more popular products we stock. We have other rations and can customise rations to your specific needs. Or indeed formulate new rations. As with our beef rations, we only use quality raw materials in our rations and do not compromise on quality


A high energy ration with wheat, maize and barley making up 60% of the ration. While relying on soya as the main source of protein. It is formulated to 16% protein and is ideal as a summer ration. A good dairy mineral is included with actisaf yeast and cal-mag levels vary depending on feeding rate and time of year. It is a very suitable ration for bins and parlours.


A popular all year round ration that delivers consistent results. Maize, barley and wheat make up 45% of the ration delivering good starch and energy levels. It is an 18% protein and uses soya as its protein source. A good dairy mineral with yeast is included and cal-mag levels vary to feeding rate and time of year. It is also a very suitable ration in bins and parlours. It is a well-proven ration, liked by farmers.


A 21% protein ration, that’s high in energy and uses wheat and maize as the main cereals. It is a popular ration that maximises the milk yield in your herd. As with all our dairy rations, a high-end dairy mineral with actisaf yeast is included that maintains the health of your cows. Impressive level of soya included and no inferior protein sources are used. It is also very suitable for feeding in the parlour or through a diet feeder.


A very popular winter dairy ration with a 24% protein level. Suitable to feed in the parlour or through a diet feeder. A high spec dairy mineral with yeast is included that is customised to the customer depending on the type of forage being used. Whether it is maize or silage based. It is a soya-based diet and is the main ingredient. A good ration to keep the milk yield high and gain milk bonuses.

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