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Our Dairy Rations

The rations listed below are the more popular products we stock. We have other rations and can customise rations to your specific needs. Or indeed formulate new rations. As with our beef rations, we only use quality raw materials in our rations and do not compromise on quality

High Energy Dairy 16% Blend

A maize and barley based dairy blend, ideal to accompany good quality grass silage or to spare grass during summer months. Includes a high spec dairy mineral and cal mag levels can be adjusted according to your feeding level. Suitable for parlour feeding and TMR feeding.

High Energy Dairy 18% Blend

A high cereal dairy blend suitable for boosting winter milk production.
  With a strong level of soya bean meal this ration will boost high yielding herds. Includes a high spec dairy mineral. 
Cal Mag can be adjusted to suit feeding level.

Dairy 21% Blend

An ideal blend to boost poorer quality silage, this high cereal ration also comes loaded with soya bean meal, giving an excellent balance of energy and protein to support the nutritional requirements of your cows. 
High spec mineral included.

Dairy 24% Blend

This high protein blend has been formulated to accompany maize silage/whole-crop/low protein forages. With soya bean meal as the top ingredient in this ration followed by native barley, this blend will deliver milk into the tank. Hi spec mineral as standard.
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