McNamara Feeds
Ballaghtalion, Kildalkey,
Co Meath.

Our Coarse Range

Depending on the time of year, we introduce new products such as lower protein and higher energy rations for summer. As we are very close to the farming community, we pride ourselves on being quick to adapt to the different feeds of our customers and the varying challenges that each year brings.
• Weanling and Calf rations with high protein.
• Quality finishing rations including high maize content.
• High yielding dairy rations from 18-30% protein.
• Sheep pregnancy ration and intensive Lamb finisher.
• Rolled Barley, Wheat, Maize, Soya bean, Oats and other straights available
All rations can be customised to your feeding needs, including mineral requirements.
Rations available
• Ex yard-bulk or half tonne bags
• Delivered- tipped or blown
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