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Our Beef Nut Range

As with all our beef nut range, we can customise to your feeding requirements. We only use the best ingredients and will not compromise on quality with the inclusion of inferior raw materials. The range outlined below are some of our popular Nuts, if you need something different, then please don’t hesitate to call and find out more.


A strong nut built on a 60% maize/barley combination. It is a high-quality nut that finishes animals quickly through increased intake and high energy content. A full mineral package including live yeast and a buffer are included as standard in this nut. This nut is a strong rival to our 40maize blend in terms of results.

This high cereal nut achieves excellent intakes and performance.  It includes Equaliser to reduce the risk of acidosis and Actisaf yeast to help maintain correct rumen conditions for maximum performance


A popular all-round nut suitable for bullocks and heifers. It is a 14% protein and a spice flavoured mineral is included to encourage strong intake and performance.


A 16% protein nut designed for weanling cattle. A 60% cereal content along with soya and a flavoured mineral allows animals to thrive and grow their young frames to achieve prime results.


Our top of the range finishing nut. It’s a 17% protein nut with very a very high energy level designed to finish young animals quickly. Based on natural ingredients and powered by soya as its primary source of protein. Included as standard are live yeast and buffer with proven power to deliver top grades.

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